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Meet Dan

I moved here 16 years ago to Middletown DE with our family for the quality of life that I knew Delaware would offer to all of us – good schools, great job opportunities, a vibrant social life, and generally speaking, an opportunity to realize the American Dream.

Before getting to Delaware, I was raised in New York and served in the US Navy during the Persian Gulf War. Upon returning from the Gulf, I became a New York City Police Officer. It was a wonderful job and the sense of purpose and direction that you get being a first responder – at the World Trade Center during 9/11. But, as my wife and I looked at what else we needed to do for our kids – and my growing business interests, it was clear Delaware was the place to be.

However, it seems some of the big things and even the little things that make this state so unique and wonderful are changing or have change to where I can barely recognize what it was. 

I have watched our educational system, our small businesses, and our quality of life vanish before my eyes.  I have always believed in Faith, Family and Freedom – yet we are seeing all 3 of them be jeopardized by the folks that have been in Dover too long and simply do not care anymore.  I think we have lost our way.  Then on top of all this – the pandemic has just hammered our state, our families, our revenues, our jobs, even our safety. 

It is time for a new way forward.  A fresh look and not just one more person that is part of the ruling party, doing whatever the one party wants done…. But a new voice.

I am here to serve the people in the 8th District and the State of Delaware. My entire life has been dedicated to service – from being a Police Officer in the NYPD, to my time in the US Navy, coaching, community service, it is what I have done and will do as your State Representative. 

This campaign is not about picking the worse of two evils – this will be about a real choice at what matters to you locally.  There will be a new way forward, and with your vote, we all will get there.


Friends for Dan Zitofsky

221 N. Broad St.
Middletown DE 19709

302 480 1207
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